A.M.P.H.O.R.E. (Humanitarian Association for Medical and Para-medical aid, meeting and teaching) is an independent humanitarian organisation, non governmental, without any ethnical, political or religious spirit, it was created in December 1st, 2000 to regroup three existing humanitarian medical associations: A.M.P.H.O.R.E. VIETNAM, A.M.P.H.O.R.E. MADAGASCAR and A.M.P.H.O.R.E. NEPAL.


Its head quarters are located at:

Service ORL, Hopital CLAVARY, 06130 GRASSE – FRANCE


The objective is to:


·    Establish professional links between French, Vietnamese, Madagascarian and Nepalian physicians in order to promote a modern medecine of quality in these countries.

·    Provide to the hospital services in Vietnam, Magadascar and Nepal surgery and anaesthesia equipment.

·    Organise meetings and exchanges between French, Vietnamese, Magadascarian and Nepalian medical bodies in order to compare and improve the working conditions, training and teaching medical cares.


The Board includes:


President : Doctor Jean-Claude BELTRANDO,

          Vice-presidents : Doctor Alain DEHON and Doctor Jean-Claude PALLERI

          Secretary general : M. Jérôme PIERRET

          Treasurer : Ms Anne-Marie FELECCIA


Members :


The association is composed of :


1.  “Honorary” members, those who have rendered some services to the association and are exempted of membership fees.

2.  “Benefactor” members, those who have made a donation or who pay a yearly contribution  determined by the General Assembly.

3.  “Active” members, members of the Board or any person having participated in France to the preparation of missions.

4.  “Caring” members, those who have medical or para-medical competence and who are willing to participate to forthcoming missions.




·    Diverse subsidies

·    Returns from artistic, cultural or sportive events

·    Donations and membership fees.

It should be known that...


·    All the volunteers pay their own expenses for travelling                     and staying in missions.

·    The accounts of the association are regularly verified and                 updated by a  physician-treasurer.

·    The donations in cash or cheques are used only to                          purchase medical equipment and medicines.

·    The fees for air transportation of medicines and various equipment are paid by the association.


3/ Actions taken in France:


v To collect funds and inform about the association

v Various cultural and informative events that have taken place in France at:


These events have received free participation of several groups of amateur players and dancers, as well as professional singers and photographers.

          (We thank them again for their help).


4/ Projects:


·    Keep and follow-up actions already realised

·    Organise medical missions to help equip hospitals and train personnel in Vietnam, Burkina Faso, Madagascar.