Actions taken in France (41 events, to collect funds and introduce the association):

       16 informative and cultural shows have taken place in Grasse, Mandelieu, Le Cannet, Peymeinade, Mouans Sartoux, Golfe Juan, Belgentier, Sanary, Sollies Pont, Mougins and Paris.These shows were realized with the gracious participation of several groups of comedians, dancing amateurs, singers and photographers (Thanks again to them for their help) .

       13 Forums in Grasse, 2 in cannes, 7 Humanitarian meetings and 7 Christmas markets in Grasse.

       12 weeks end of humanitarian skiing at Val Thorens, organized jointly with the AAMEV association


Actions taken in Vietnam, since 1990:


     20 medical missions through Vietnam, from north to south (20 cities)

     12 kinesitherapy missions in Ho Chi Minh city (Philippe Badin, President of Amphore Auvergne)

     More than 100 specialised physicians, nurses, dentists and para-medical personnel have voluntarily participated to help in health care and training courses.

     More than 100 tons of medical equipment and medicines (12 containers) have been delivered.


Actions taken in MADAGASCAR, since 1999 :


-        6 missions, in the centre (4 hospitals), in the south (5 hospitals) and in the north (4 hospitals) of MADAGASCAR. The 6th mission was in november 2011.

-        More than 50 specialised physicians, nurses, dentists and audio-prothesists, have participated in the missions in hospitals and dispensaries.

-        More than 100 tons of equipment and medecines (12 containers) have been delivered.


Actions taken in BURKINA FASO, since 2005 :

-        1st mission in the Province of SOUROU (north-west) to equip the hospitals of TOUGAN and DEDOUGOU + the dispensary of YEGUERE

-        2nd mission in the south-west region to equip the hospital of GAOUA and the dispensaries of LEGMOIN + checking of the hospital of TOUGAN in the North-east + evaluation of the hospital of FADA N'GOURMA in the East.

-        3rd mission in OUAGADOUGOU, KANTCHARI et LEGMOIN

-        More than 20 voluntaries (physicians, surgeons, dentists and assistants, nurses) have carried out team works.

-        20 tons of medical equipment and furnitures have been transported and installed (2 containers).




● Maintain and follow-up the actions already realised

● Expedite regularly equipments and medecines

● Provide medical assistance to orphan houses, dispensaries and to the centres for disabled persons

Promote medical and para-medical cooperation

● Help find training possibilities in French hospitals for foreign physicians

● Develop collaboration with other humanitarian organizations

Organise yearly medical and para-medical missions.